Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Happy New Year

It was about my new year, but I was forget exactly when it was happened. Like others, my families from my mother (red : Opung Purba) celebrated the end of year in my uncle’s house (red : in Batak we called him, tulang). There is one habitual of Batak in end of year, it is ‘Mandok Hata’. We gathered in big room and then one by one wished Happy New Year, revealed all of our mistakes in the past, and wished many hopes one year forward. Especially in that year, we celebrated it together with My Sister Ika Siahaan. She came to Pematangsiantar.

Our Happy New Year
Opung Payung, Tulang Desta, dan Bapatua passed away, and we missed them so much. 

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